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Standard Parting Tool 0.25
Standard Parting Tool 0.125
Standard Parting Tool 0.0625
Standard Parting Tool 0.25 0.125 0.0625 Side View
Diamond Versus Parallel Parting Tool 3
Bevel Angles - Parting Tools


This Parting Tool comes with one blade and a precision machine fitted grey iron bolster for added rigidity and vibration dampening.

The SB Tools Parting Tool and Beading Tool Series use CPM 10V® for the blades and hardened stainless steel for the substrates.

Blades are supplied sharpened ready to use out of the box. All blades are sharpened on an 8” CBN wheel with hollow bevels. To resharpen these blades we recommend using our Angle Gauges to set and repeat the same angle; our Angle Gauges will compensate for the curvature in the wheel.

Parting Tools are supplied with a 50° degree hollow ground included angle. When parting in the blade should be presented parallel to the floor so as not to lift the wood fibers. This is technically scraping, and therefore the 50° included angle edge will last longer than 40°. Once the blade has parted through the first fibers the handle can then be lowered to peel through the wood fibers rather than scrape when used on side grain. Never point a parting tool uphill on end grain or mixed grain.

Select the appropriate handle length to match the required overhang. Parting Tools should have a minimum 4:1 overhang ratio.

All SB Beading and Parting Tools work seamlessly with the SB Taper-Lock Handle System. Our Recommended Handle Length for this tool is below.

• All Widths
Blade Length 5.25” – Minimum 12” – Maximum 20”


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